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At the 2013 Spring AGM, the following Mixed League rules changes have been approved
Rule T 1b A league fixture will consist of six (6) matches - three (3) men's doubles, two (2) mixed doubles and one ladies doubles. The Mixed League Director may initiate an alternative trial format when requested to do so, provided that such a trial doe not negatively impact other leagues or clubs.
Rule T 3 Teams in the C division are not to play club teaching professionals. " Club teaching professionals" are defined as full time professionals, whose major source of income is from Tennis, and does not include full time students. Club executives should have determined before a person plays for them whether or not a player is a club teaching professional or not. 
All current Canadian Open or internationally ranked players, and juniors (ranked in Under 18) ranked in the top ten (10) or the current provincial and/or national rankings can only play at the "A" or "Major" level. 
Rule M 1a Each match will consist of the best of three sets with a 12 point tie-breaker at six games each in the first two sets. Any third set shall be a super tie-breaker (first team to ten (10) with a margin of two (2) points, unless both captains agree to play a full third set. Such decision should be made before play commences. Where both captains agree to play a full third set, IF FOR ANY REASON PLAY IS INTERRUPTED TO THE EXTENT THAT THE MATCH (OR ANY OTHER MATCH IN THE FIXTURE) CAN NOT BE COMPLETED, THE WINNER OF THAT SET (AND/OR MATCH) SHALL BE THE TEAM THAT IS AHEAD AT THE TIME.
Rule M 10 Should a fixture be abandoned after play has started any completed matches will stand. Matches not completed will be re-scheduled in their entirety on another night using players who have not already played in the completed matches. (SEE ALSO RULE M 1 a FOR INTERPRETATION)
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Posted by Adrian Cordea on Friday, April 19, 2013