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Dear ICTA Club Representatives

If you are no longer your Club Representative, please forward this email to the appropriate individual and advise the ICTA CIO of this change. You can review the Club list attached to these news to ensure that the right person from your club is listed. Only Representatives identified on this list can vote and bring motions at the AGM.  Clubs, through their Representatives, are entitled to one vote each and votes must be made in person and not by proxy.  

The ICTA Spring 2015 AGM will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24th at Miele Canada, 161 Four Valley Dr. Vaughan, Ontario. Please review the following links:



1) 2015 Spring AGM Agenda

2) 2014 Fall AGM Minutes

3) Draft proposed revised ICTA Mixed League Rules


There are 2 Motions, both pertaining to the Mixed League, that will be heard at the meeting.


(I) Motion initiated by the ICTA Executive to approve revised Mixed League Rules;

(II) Motion brought by Moore Park Tennis Club to amend the fixture format so that each team fields two men's pairs, two women's pairs, and two mixed pairs each match. (a change from 8 Men and 4 Ladies, to 6 Men and 6 Ladies for each fixture).

These motions will be put forward for approval at the Spring AGM and will be adopted only with a majority vote.

Please ensure that your Club Representative from your club attends this very important ICTA Spring AGM meeting. We understand that the meeting is on a weeknight however please try to arrive by 6:15 p.m. so that you can sign in and pay prior to the 6:30 p.m. start.  

You will not be eligible to vote unless all outstanding fees payable to the ICTA have been collected in full. Clubs which have not paid club and/or team fees/fines by this date and have not submitted up to date information sheets are subject, at the discretion of the ICTA Executive, to either one of the following: 1) be assessed a late entry fee of $50.00 or 2) be denied membership for that year.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send your team registration fee by March 29th to:


Intercounty Tennis Association

PO Box 70010

Fletchers Creek PO

Brampton, ON

L7A 0N0


For the current season (2015), fees for clubs and teams remain the same as for the 2014 season:

$30.00 for each Club

$40.00 for each team you register


For additional clarification, please contact our Treasurer, Sagar Karri:

Phone: 647-920-6262



Thank you.

ICTA Executive

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Posted by ADRIAN CORDEA on Wednesday, March 11, 2015