Tournament Volunteer Opportunities
Every year, our Executive Board is looking for ACTIVE volunteers to help run this event.
We need volunteers for the InterCounty Tennis Association's Annual Tournament, which will be held on September 16 2017 at the Aviva Centre.
The rain date will be the following day
Volunteers are needed for the following tasks:
Registration: Sonja Zibin, the ICTA Vice President will lead this group. We need two individuals for each two hour slot from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.(8 total). Responsibilities include the following: manning the registration booth and signing in all players; accepting waivers from all players; providing instructions (such as assigned courts, time of play, locker facilities, awards ceremonies, etc.) to players; and providing information to spectators.
Photography: Adrian Cordea, the ICTA CIO, will lead this group. We need two individuals for each three hour slot from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (8 total). Responsibilities include the following: bringing a digital camera; circulating through the grounds and taking photos of players and spectators; and providing digital copies of your photos to Adrian after the tournament or at the end of your shift. These photos will be used on the ICTA web site to promote both this tournament and next years' events.
Facility: Rick Bertozzi, the ICTA Past President, will lead this group. We need six individuals on Sept. 15th to come to the AVIVA Centre and help with putting up banners, etc. On the morning of the 16th we need two individuals to assist in setting up the ICTA registration booth. At the conclusion of the event, we need six individuals to assist in taking down banners, removing chairs, tables, etc.
Also, we need two volunteers for First AID (two shifts) 9 to 1 and 1 to 5. They will be located at the Registration desk.
If interested in any of these positions please e-mail Sonja at
Looking forward to working with you for another successful end of the year tournament.