Human Rights Tribunal

Human Rights Tribunal Update

As you are aware from previous posts, the Association was named as a Respondent in proceedings before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. In early January 2016, four Applicants (since reduced to three) applied to the Tribunal for an Order requesting that the Mixed League Fixture Structure be amended so that it features an equal number of men and women. The Tribunal released its Decision and found that the Fixture format is discriminatory.

The Executive called a special meeting for August 1, 2018 to ask the membership if they wished to appeal the HRTO decision and if they wished to retain our incumbent law firm of Ross and McBride. The membership voted to appeal this decision and to retain Ross and McBride as legal counsel.

Reconsideration was filed with the HRTO on August 13, 2018 and was denied on January 19, 2019. The ICTA is currently filing a Judicial Appeal of the decision to Divisional Court.

We will keep you updated.