ICTA Update/Cancellation of the Ladies’ League and Mixed League.

ICTA Update / Cancellation of the Ladies’ League and Mixed League

To All ICTA Club Reps, Presidents, Division Chairs and Captains:

Although many tennis players in Ontario have been able to resume playing our favorite sport, and very soon everyone should be able to return to doubles play, there are still several challenges and obstacles that prevent interclub league play. Among these, the ongoing health hazards to players and everyone they subsequently come into contact with; the variety of protocols implemented by the different municipalities and imposed on their tennis clubs; some clubs not opening due to liability issues; the difficulties that most clubs would have hosting teams (no clubhouse, no washrooms) and providing social distancing; the “no guests” policy in place at the majority of clubs for the foreseeable future, are top of mind.

Additionally, from a survey conducted by our League Directors, it appears that only a small number of clubs would be able to field teams for this season, making the scheduling of the fixtures extremely difficult to implement.

It is with heavy heart that we are therefore announcing the cancellation of the 2020 ICTA Ladies’ League and 2020 ICTA Mixed League. We would like to acknowledge Ladies’ League Director, Anoja Dias, Mixed League Director, Gary Hophan and all their Division Chairs for their work in reaching this hard decision.

We would also like to inform all those clubs that had already sent us the team fees for 2020 that we will reimburse the money in the coming weeks.

The ICTA Board will take this time to focus on updating the Association By-Laws, discuss a potential rating system for its players, strengthen its relationship with Tennis Canada and the OTA, continue to recruit more clubs and teams in order to expand the divisions, and seek opportunities for sponsorship.

We are looking forward to having you all back in our Leagues in 2021.

Enjoy your summer everyone. Play tennis and be safe!


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