InterCounty Tennis Association (ICTA) 2022 Board Nominations

InterCounty Tennis Association (ICTA) 2022 Board Nominations

At the Fall AGM, the ICTA membership votes on the new Board for the following year.

All Board positions expire on an annual basis.
The Board positions are:
 President
 Vice President
 Treasurer
 Secretary
 Chief Information Officer
 Marketing Director
 Tournament Director
 Junior Leagues Director
 Ladies League Director
 Plus 55 League Director
 Mixed League Director

Responsibilities of each position can be found at this link (Section 38 of the ICTA By-Laws):

Nominees must be adult (18 and over) members in good standing with their respective clubs (which clubs, themselves, shall be in good standing with the Association) and have willingly accepted the proposed position. Members of the current Executive may be re-nominated for their existing or other offices.

If there are multiple applicants for any position, then candidates will have an opportunity to speak/present at the AGM for 5 minutes and they may be asked questions.

If you are interested in any of ICTA Board positions please send and complete the ICTA Executive Nomination Form and email it to the Chair of the Nomination Committee, David Maples at by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Any other nominations, supported by one other adult member, may be added at the AGM itself but, preferably, not later than ten (10) days prior to the Fall AGM on November 30, 2021.

These are volunteer positions.


Thank you for your consideration and interest in helping the ICTA.


ICTA Nomination Committee