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About the InterCounty Tennis Association

The InterCounty Tennis Association is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the advancement of tennis in Southern Ontario and was founded in 1962 by Forbes Mountain who played out of the Brampton Tennis Club

The InterCounty Tennis Association is a non-profit organization that facilitates and coordinates regional, competitive, inter-club tennis leagues in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our mandate is to promote competitive tennis with a focus on sportsmanship, camaraderie and tennis excellence. Over 100 clubs presently belong to the ICTA. Member clubs in the ICTA stretch from Peterborough to Hamilton and from Toronto’s downtown Lakeshore to King City, Caledon and Barrie.

Member clubs of the ICTA pay an annual membership fee of $60.00 and $70.00 for each team entered in league play. Clubs wanting to join the ICTA should notify the President or the Marketing Director.  New clubs introduce themselves to the ICTA membership for acceptance at our Spring or Fall Annual General Meetings.

Requirements for new clubs are availability of 2 courts minimum (3 courts for clubs that have teams in our Mixed league) – please consult each League’s rules for more details, lights (if there are evening teams), and washrooms.

The ICTA Tennis Leagues are designed for competitive doubles tennis divided into levels of play. Teams are generally grouped into geographically compatible areas. The ICTA runs the following Leagues: Mixed, Ladies, Juniors & Plus 55. The season for Mixed, Ladies and +55 generally runs for 12-14 weeks from the mid-May to mid-August. Divisions are usually made up of 7-8 teams. Most teams play two matches against each club, one at home and one away.

The Mixed League teams play on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7:00. “Majors” and “B” level teams play on Tuesday nights and “A” and “C” level teams play on Thursday nights. 12 players play on a team: At each Mixed League Players play in weekly fixtures of 6 (best of three sets) doubles matches comprised of Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed matches. 

The Ladies League plays four doubles matches. Eight women are needed for each fixture. The Ladies League plays on Wednesday mornings.

The +55 Mixed League plays 3 matches, on Thursdays mornings consisting of 3 matches:  Ladies Doubles, Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. 

The ICTA offers 3 junior leagues:  All Stars (U14/U18), Future Stars (U12), and Junior Mixed.  Boys and Girls play in all 3 leagues.The All Stars league plays on Saturday mornings.  The Future Stars league plays on Saturday afternoon.  The Junior Mixed league plays on Sunday afternoons.  There are 4 singles and 2 doubles matches per fixture played by 4 to 8 junior players in the All Stars and Future Stars leagues.  There are 2 singles (Boys, Girls) and 4 doubles (Boys, Girls, 2 Mixed) in the Junior Mixed League played by a minimum of 2 girls and 2 boys.

New teams in all 4 Leagues (Mixed, Ladies, +55 & Juniors) are placed at the appropriate level by the League Directors,  based on the strength of their roster. In the Mixed and Ladies Leagues teams are promoted or relegated between the Majors, A, B and C (Mixed only) levels based on results during the season, at the discretion of the League Directors. In the +55 League  teams are promoted or relegated between the A, B and C levels based on results during the season, at the discretion of the League Director.

Typically teams winning their Divisions are promoted and teams finishing last in their Division are relegated, and in some cases teams finishing near the top or bottom of their respective divisions are promoted or relegated as deemed appropriate by League Directors. Clubs may have one or more teams at each level in all Leagues.  There is a tournament for top teams in each Division for all of the Leagues at the end of the season. 

 Composite Teams: Two clubs may form a “Composite Team” with members from their respective clubs in any ICTA League or Division with the approval of the League Director.

Dress code: Tennis attire at most clubs. White tennis attire is required at a small number of clubs. Please check our Locations directory or contact the club directly for more detailed information. Smooth-soled shoes must be worn on soft clay and “har-tru” courts.